“In the latest news, a group of scientists have discovered a way to travel to another dimension. After checks, P2P reviews, and validations, they now have proof that this dimension does in fact exist. The secret methods used by these scientists involved millenary (ancient) substances, as well as a deep-trance technique in order to open a portal into uncharted territories.

These brave men and women used both science and spiritual means to shift from our world through space-time into a parallel reality. After some training, first contact with the other side became more stable, and humankind encountered a world that we could call utopic. We are now truly living in unprecedented times, and as a collective we are at the precipice of something breathtaking and revolutionary.”

Waiting on the other side of a veil that is much thinner than human beings had previously thought, lay a place that transcended my team and I above the third dimension. There we uncovered an extremely advanced society that wishes to help humanity in its evolution.

The Caring Creatures (as they prefer to be called) are abundantly loving creatures who emanate deep kindness from deep within each one of them. In abstract, brightly colored, and nature-based aesthetics, the Caring Creatures are beautiful works of art. They told us a bit about their past, and how at the beginning of their planetary shift, powerful change occurred when the monetary system was equally redistributed. Suddenly, their form of money was no longer an instrument of control or immutability for those in power. This movement transferred value from the external to the internal, which brought balance of power for all.

Everything was a part of the collective. Mutual trust and service to each other made them grow and evolve exponentially. After that, they realized that they did not need armies or weapons. They understood the universal principle that everything is connected. These creatures discovered that cultivating consciousness could cause a quantum jump into evolution.

The Caring Creatures discovered that if all of society cared about each other, they’d evolved even in leaps and bounds compared to the baby steps of a greed-based civilization. Through this, the creatures began to heal and stopped seeing each other as threatening. Society became more harmonic, sustainable, honest, and transparent. They always had someone taking care of them, because they all took care of each other.

The Caring Creatures are now on a quest to awaken the multi and metaverses. They have come to us from another dimension, just to share how we too can transform this world by transforming ourselves. The Caring Creatures are here to teach us about our own personal wisdom and our limitless collective power. They are present as divine helpers, encouraging us to embrace a radical and spiritual revolution right here on Earth.

Values & Vision

We started this crazy journey because we believe in collective wisdom, mutual help, and of course––we are fervents believers of the blockchain revolution! We embraced this adventure because we believe that we can still do something to leave behind a better place for future generations and societies in order to thrive. We have hope and we have faith, even though we can see that the world is kind of fucked up. Despite this, we still believe that small changes can have big effects, (such as blockchain, cryptos, and NFTs as keys to a new world, a world where everyone can participate regardless of country, beliefs, race, gender, preferences, economic, or social status!).

Changes are occurring now more than ever in this world, an if our efforts yearn to make even more differences, it will all be worth it. If only one mind and one heart is opened, it'll worth it. Our foundations are laid on tolerance, acceptance, and authenticity. We would like to bond with other transparent and well-intended beings. The only thing we won’t tolerate is intolerance.

We want to be part of a movement that is unafraid. We don’t want psychopaths running our lives anymore. We would like to see a world where genuine, intelligent people are far more sought after and listened to. Not for what they look like or what they claim to provide, but by their good-intentioned souls. Every day we are surprised by the ode to madness and absurdity that the world is currently vibrating in. This is because there are invested interests in keeping human beings ignorant and senseless. This is due to a system that is dedicated to numbing our consciousness and discernments daily. The people who rule the world don’t want you to have the capacity to think, feel, or exist freely(much less to have economic freedoms). The masses are much more useful if we are obedient, unintelligent, hateful, and afraid.

Since we were children, we have been groomed and imprinted through our so-called “educations,” to serve The System. The aim is to acquire obedient workers and obedient citizens who won’t ask questions, who won’t have the urge to change anything, and slavishly accept a life of submission to dark forces.

But fear not, dear friends, we are seeing many things happening now regarding technology, because an awakening is happening! And nothing “they” can do will ever stop it. It might take years, decades, or even centuries––but we’ve planted a seed to grow in the direction of economic freedom, rightful use of technology, compassion, equality, truth, and love––to all beings.

We know that we can’t change the entire world, but we can make a small changes in the world every single day. You can too, and just like the Caring Creatures, we can do it together.

“Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world.”––Eduardo Galeano


We are blown away by the adoption surrounding NFTs in the past year, especially how strong, engaged and empowered the NFT artists and crypto community are. With much humbleness we hope that this project will represent a small contribution to this amazing new spectrum of possibilities that this technology has to offer. We know that we stand in the shoulders of giants, the ones who have led the way, we prefer not to name the OG’s to not make usage of their names, as a way of respect, but you know who you are, so this is also our tribute to you! Shout outs to the whole NFT family

About Us

We are an eclectic group of artists, developers, entrepreneurs, tech connoisseurs and producers, and unstoppable seekers of truth. After many years in various tech and art projects and the event industry, we’ve been working very deeply to heal our hearts. We believe that healing our personal wounds is essential to helping others, we need to take care of each other in this world that has fallen into toxic hands. We look forward to the adventure of aligning with others who are doing the deep work to bring consciousness and work for changes our times to achieve higher states of being. Thank you for being here.