Caring Creatures:
helping humanity in its
collective re-evolution

aN NFT collection with 3 Evolutionary Stages

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Stage 1

1500 Randomly generated Creatures of different rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on the Permaweb/Arweave

Stage 2 & 3

Will be unlocked by the


Stage 1 - Awakening Humanity

The Caring Creatures came all the way to our dimension to teach us about our own personal wisdom, and our limitless collective power.

All Caring Creatures will be unique: All 1/1 NFT that will have different traits and attributes so while all are special some will be more rare than others

The Caring Creatures collection is intended to power a longer term, community driven, art and collectibles project. They are the visual representation of beings from a visionary state of consciousness, and they have a mission.
All creatures
are equals

No bonding curve all Caring
Creatures are priced at 0.07 ΞTH

1500 Unique
Generative Art Pieces

Generative digital collectibles of different rarities living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS

All Creatures
Need Water

When all Stages are minted, you will have provided clean water to 24,000 people for 20 years.

All Creatures
Need Community

2% of monthly secondary sale royalties are assigned to a DAO voting system whereby you can vote on use of funds.
All 1500 creatures are eligible to vote on key community decisions, initiatives and charity spending.

Give Back To The World

After all stages are minted we will plant 100k trees
to protect our rainforests and donate to
the following causes:

Caring Creatures are born in
our dimension

1500 unique Caring Creatures will be born synthetically, among 143 attributes. Later, they will be unleashed in the blockchain for you to adopt. Random minting to ensure fair distribution.
The Caring Creatures are compassionate, loving Creatures, even though they sometimes seem a little spooky. They came to teach us about collective power and how we can thrive together. They are creatures that care for others.

Also, they will be dropping some dope music!

a a
aCaring Creature owner’s Perks
  • Access to members-only merch shop and locked areas

  • Early access to all future NFT drops and other airdrops

  • Chances to win ΞTH in raffles- 1 NFT = 1 ticket

  • Access DAO to vote on proposals and use of community funds

  • Chances to get 1/1111 vinyl records sent to random holders of the 1st stage

  • Entry in to Stage 2 of the Project

  • Participate in charitable causes and donations each month

  • a 1% of secondary sales will go only to the Ascended Master Club a

  • 2% of secondary sales will go to the community

  • 2% of secondary sales will go to charity

  • 7 % of sales will be held for community support: buyback floor, artistic initiative, community proposals

  • Exclusive commercial rights of your Creature

Trait name Qty in collection
Background Moon 22
Skin Friendly 622
Eyes Child 11
Clothes Ceremony 711
Face Devotion 296
Head Mushroom 111
Ascended Learner 9896
Trait name Qty in collection
Background Clarity 202
Skin Guide 196
Eyes Grandmother 33
Clothes Jungle 21
Face Collectiveness 593
Head Zen 411
Ascended Master 104

Our roadmap

11 %

Humanity starts to awake:
Through art we can heal
  • 1st Creature original song is transmitted

  • 11 Creatures will be airdropped randomly
    among the first adopters

  • 3 ΞTH will be raffled

  • 7 % community fund

  • 11.11% charity

    • Donation for 25k trees to be planted

    • 1 x Water Wells For Africa’s

    • + ΞTH donation to Rainforest and Indigenous
      tribes conservation


Sharing is Caring
  • 2nd song is received

  • 22 Founding Creatures will be airdropped
    randomly among holders

  • Creatures Merch Shop gets initiated

  • 3 ΞTH in raffles for the community

  • 7 % community fund

  • 11.11% Charity


Manifesting our
own caring reality
  • 3rd song is channeled

  • 3 ΞTH in raffles for the community

  • 7 % community fund

  • 11.11% Charity

    • + 25k trees donation

    • 3 Water Wells For Africa

    • ΞTH for the community to decide on the charity


re-evolution is real
  • 4th Caring song is released

  • 1111 vinyl records production will be initiated
    random owners will receive a vinyl

  • Stage 2 plan get unlocked for the community, we create together

  • 3 ΞTH in raffles for the community

  • 7 % community fund

  • 11.11% Charity


We are all One
  • 111 owners selected to receive their Creature print

  • 111 owners selected to receive 1 FREE MERCH

  • 1111 owners selected to receive 1 vinyl record

  • Liquidity pool will be initiated in :// and ://

  • 7 % community fund

  • 11.11% Charity

If Creature’s instructions are follow as indicated, by the end of Stage 1 we would have

Given found for
Planting 100 k trees
Given the funds for 12 wells
that would provide clean
water for 24k people
Raised a total of 77.7 ΞTH for

Founded the Caring
Creatures Collective

All beings are welcome
Together we thrive

What are the Caring Creatures?

Caring Creatures is a project with 3 evolutive stages, stage#1 are 1500 unique generated healing avatars, created as a visual representation of altered states of consciousness. Ownership of a Stage 1 Caring Creature grants access and voting rights in the Caring Creatures Collective.

What is the purpose of the Caring Creatures Collective?

To generate and maintain a thriving global community of like-minded people who are aligned to interests like inclusiveness, economic freedom, technology, transparency, decentralization, trustless trust, partnership and mutual help, healing, art in all its forms, and of course NFTs and blockchain technology.

When are Caring Creatures launching?

September 2021 - Join our discord and follow our Twitter page to keep updated

Where can I buy my Creatures?

After launching you will be able to mint your Creatures directly on our website

What benefits do I get from my Creatures?

Besides having a visionary avatar you’ll have some nice owners' perks. You can check those in our welcome page. Also, your Creature doubles as membership of the Caring Creatures Collective, this will grant you benefits like future drops, access to owners areas, among other surprises


Only approximately 1% of the creatures will have the Ascended Master Batch, the owners of this creatures will receive 1% of all secondary sales royalties

how do I buy my Creatures?

You’ll need MetaMask and some ETH. You can learn more about how MetaMask works here:

Are all creatures for sale?

We will withhold 111 creatures from the sale for promotion, giveaways, contests, and for helpers of the project and team (and maybe auctions for charity)

Anything else i should know?

Stay tuned to discord and twitter, we'll be running giveaways and contests. If you have any other questions, ideas or you feel that you can add value to the project, we would love to hear from you. Reach us at Discord, or at [email protected]

Release Date

September 2021

Max. number of tokens


Tokens withheld from sale


Price per token

0.07 ΞTH + Gas

  • 11.11% of initial sale to charity
  • 7% of initial sale for community support
  • 2% of secondary sales for the community (1% for the Ascended Master Club)
  • 2% of secondary sales to charity


File hosting


Royalties fee


Number of traits


Number of attributes



Full commercial ownership only for the Caring Creature/s you own. You don’t own the brand Caring Creatures, nor the traits that your creature is made of, but only the exact combination of traits that forms your Caring Creature

  • Background: 41
  • Skins: 22
  • Eyes: 20
  • Clothes: 20
  • Faces: 20
  • Ascended: 2
  • Hair: 20


Distra - developer

Our beloved CSE Can be found at the Uni giving classes or in the woodhouse gathering plants and mushrooms

hermet - developer

Former Architect - quit for building dreams on the blockchain


After pursuing wealth for many years, with the help of MotherPlant he encounters the Creatures, now he sees beyond appearances

you - the community

Without all you Creatures out there this would not be possible